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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Predictive Planner (PP)?

Please refer to the page About Predictive Planner (PP).

2. What are the benefits of PP?

The core focus of PP is on better time management. In this case, an automated planning for the future. The benefits for the individual is obvious. More quality time means less time spent on frustrating tasks and more time spent on enjoyable tasks.

The aerospace project management version of PP will also enable group projects to be optimized in terms of time and happiness through better distributions of tasks and better arrangement of human resources. This will enable the team to reach deadlines with less frustration and a more focused approach.

At the same time, PP can offer a significant improvement on research data that psychologists and managers will find useful. A prominent case of scientific study may be the site Likewise, PP's eventual large database on actual time usage can provide researchers with a large set of data to work with. This benefit is reciprocal. Scientific studies can also improve the algorithm of PP through offering more valid suggestions on time usage. This will likely further improve the time planning of people using the site and improve their lives as well. Ideally, eventually, this thoughtful planning of time can permeate to society as a whole and become part of common sense.

3. When do you plan to release PP to the public?

Early January 2012 for the personal version. May 2012 for the aerospace project version.

4. How many people are on the PP team?

There are currently three members. Shen Ge is the project manager and software engineer. Tejal Thakore is the graphic designer and primary idea conceptualizer. Neha Satak is the time management expert and secondary idea conceptualizer.